Lean is an operational excellence strategy, a way of thinking and a toolset.

3 months eLearning, 5.1 CEU's, 

What you will learn

    • Explain Lean
    • Define Customer Needs
    • Initiate an A3
    • Describe Genchi Genbutsu
    • Develop a Value Stream Map
    • Assess Baseline Data
    • Develop a detailed Process Map
    • Observe the layout and flow using a Spaghetti diagram
    • Identify waste
    • Implement 5S
    • Plan & Run Kaizen Events (PDCA)
    • Root Cause Analysis (Brainstorm, Fishbone, 5 whys)
    • Create New Layout
    • Create Future VSM
    • Additional Lean Tools
    • Mitigate risks and poka yoke processes
    • Implement visual management
    • Implement solutions and introduction to manage stakeholders
    • Account for Lean benefits
    • Identify the System Factors
    • Implement a SOM (Standard Operating Model)
    • Practice ABC BOC (Antecedents Behaviours Consequences and Balance of Consequences)
    • Explain Lean Leadership
    • Conduct a Lean Assessment to identify areas for further continuous Lean improvement

Lean is an operational excellence strategy, a way of thinking and a toolset. Lean principles are designed to eliminate waste in every value-added operation with a clear focus on your customer’s needs. Lower your cost of doing business by reducing waste and defects in your processes.

  • Learn to solve complex Waste and Flow related problems by applying The FOCUS Methodology: FOCUS, OBSERVE, CREATE, UTILISE, SUSTAIN which we developed as a structured approach to Lean thinking and Lean tools application.
  • Transform your business, empower your team and create a culture of respect
  • Our online course is delivered through our state-of-the-art, interactive, flash, and audio eLearning system—complete with engaging visual content, simulations, real-world case studies and progressive learning stages that are controlled by tollgates where you must complete quizzes to progress to the comprehensive exams.

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    • Lean Assessment
    • Define Customer Value
    • Routing Analysis
    • Change Assessment
    • Project Charter
    • 8 Wastes and 5S
    • Spaghetti Diagram
    • Current VSM Aid
    • Quick Win Identification
    • Lead Time Reduction
    • Line Balancing
    • Future VSM Aid
    • Kaizen Event
    • Product Matrix
    • VOC
    • Error-proofing (FMEA)
    • Standard Work
    • Action Plans
    • Standard Work Combination Sheet
    • SIPOC
    • Standard Operations Sheet
    • Capacity Sheet
    • Time Observation Sheet


  • Course Includes

    • Lean Template Toolkit
    • Lean eBook per phase
    • Lean Standard Certification Administration
    • 3 months access to the online Lean training course
    • Online exam
    • International Certification

  • Certification Levels


    There are 3 options for certification:

    Basic Certification (Level 2) 5.1 CEU’s:

    Pass each phase of the exam with 80%

    Standard Certification (Level 3) 6.1 CEU’s:

    Complete all assignments, pass each phase of the online exam with 80%, completed your simulated project

    Advanced Certification (Level 4) 7 CEU’s:

    Complete all assignments, pass each phase of the online exam with 80%, complete one workplace improvement project

  • Course CEU's

    The Leadership Centre is accredited by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET) and is authorized to issue the IACET CEU.

    There are 3 options for certification:


    Level of Certification CEU’s
    Basic Certification, Level 2 5.1 CEU’s
    Standard Certification, Level 3 6.1 CEU’s
    Advanced Certification, Level 4 7 CEU’s

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