Introduction to Lean and Six Sigma

Learn about a way of thinking and an operational excellence strategy that has changed so many corporations in the world.

8-9 hours Study Time, 4 Weeks Online Access, 

What you will learn

    • Intro to Lean & Six Sigma Course Lessons Access (1 Month)
    • Course eBook
    • Templates and exercises (Toolkit Section)
    • Quick Reference Sheet
    • Online Certification Exam

The Intro to Lean and Six Sigma eCourse will provide you with an introduction to the fundamentals of Lean manufacturing, Lean enterprise, and Lean principles. This eCourse will also equip you with the following skills:

  • Develop a 360 degree view of Six Sigma and how it can be implemented in any organisation.
  • Describe what is required to standardise a process.
  • Use techniques such as the DMAIC approach to identify Six Sigma Projects.
  • Discover root causes of a problem


    1. Develop a 360 degree view of Six Sigma and how it can be implemented in your organisation.
    2. Describe the key dimensions of quality – product features and defects.
    3. Develop attributes and value according to the Kano Model.
    4. List examples of how poor quality affects operating expenses in the areas of appraisal, inspection costs and internal failure.
    5. Use techniques such the DMAIC approach to identify Six Sigma projects.
    6. Use specific criteria to evaluate a project.
    7. Discover root causes of a problem.



    How long will it take to complete this eCourse ?

    • This eCourse will take 8-9 hours to complete. There are 20 multiple choice exam questions administered online that will take up to an additional 30 mins to complete.

    Technical Requirements (Computer)

    • A computer with Microsoft Windows operating system (98, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, or Windows 7) or Mac OS X (10.5 Leopard or higher).
    • A computer with Microsoft Office 2000 or higher.
    • A high speed internet connection and a web browser (Firefox is highly recommended as there are incompatibility issues with Internet Explorer).
    • Adobe Reader (free software).


    You are required to complete an online multiple choice exam with a pass mark of at least 80%

  • FAQ

    Q: Is this certification recognized?

    A: Yes. The Leadership Centre is accredited through IACET (International Association for Continuing Education and Training). Your certification will be recognized globally.

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