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Looking for a customised eLearning solution?

We all want to have the best team with excellent business skills and we can help you achieve this with our online courses.

To be successful in business today you need to provide education and growth opportunities for your team.  You can now achieve this cost effectively using our eLearning portal customised for your company.

Build your own eLearning Solution for your company offering 60+ internationally accredited courses and let your employees study at their convenience online. Develop your people and your business will grow.

Access to 50 + certified online training courses

  1. Choose from our diverse course library
  2. Reliable, convenient and cost effective skills development
  3. Create your own in-house training portal
  4. Benefit from our years’ of experience

Customised eLearning portal

  1. Create your own theme and branded eLearning portal
  2. Roll-out phased learning approach
  3. Link to career ladder and Key performance areas
  4. Build your skills development programme powered by The Leadership Centre

Management Dashboard

  1. Create administrators and managers to access reports
  2. Control & access detailed reporting to manage learner progress
  3. Upload learners to your database
  4. Assign course keys to learners

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