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FLAME Leadership Courses

FLAME Leadership courses

Our world is critically short of capable business leaders who can nimbly manage Purpose, People and Performance. If you’re looking to develop your future leaders, or grow your own leadership skills as an individual, then you may be ready for FLAME! At The Leadership Centre, We understand that the best way to grow future leaders is to engage them in solving today’s problems. To this end, we offer a suite of focused Leadership Development programs that allow each participant to discover his or her unique strengths and how to apply them productively in the workplace. We also support leadership teams with setting business strategy, cascading this to an effective people strategy, and steering organisations through change.


The FLAME (Future, Leadership, Action, Motivation, Edge) Programmes were developed by TLC using the expertise of experienced leaders to develop a practical, relevant and personal leadership journey. This highly effective and empowering programme uses the FLAME Model to engage leaders through interactive group sessions in a classroom environment. This combined with the assessments and a personal coach enables significant change and self development to take place. TLC has developed 3 Leadership Solutions: The Intuitive Leader for Executives, The Conscious Leader for Managers and the Emerging Leader for Supervisors.

The Emerging Leader

The Emerging Leader

DEVELOP YOUR PERSONAL EFFECTIVENESS AS A SUPERVISOR The Emerging Leader has the potential to be a future leader in any organisation. As this may be their first experience as a Leader, it is important to ensure they are operating from a strong foundation. The Emerging Leader is aimed at teaching key skills around communication, building […]

The Conscious Leader

The Conscious Leader

DEVELOP YOUR PERSONAL EFFECTIVENESS AS A LEADER The Conscious Leader operates in a heightened state of awareness. This course leverages TLC’s FLAME Leadership Development model. The FLAME (Future, Leadership, Action, Motivation & Edge) programme will teach you the skills of a Conscious Leader. You will learn how to develop your team’s Vision and Action Plan […]

The Intuitive Leader

The Intuitive Leader

DEVELOP YOUR PERSONAL EFFECTIVENESS AS AN EXECUTIVE/CEO When we think about ourselves, our natural instinct is to say that we mean well. But those around us judge us by our actions, not our intentions. As leaders, we often experience unintended consequences of well-intended actions. The Intuitive Leader understands themselves and how they affect others around […]

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