The Intuitive Leader

Executive Development Programme

6 Days Classroom Training, 4 Personal Coaching Sessions


When we think about ourselves, our natural instinct is to say that we mean well. But those around us judge us by our actions, not our intentions. As leaders, we often experience unintended consequences of well-intended actions. The Intuitive Leader understands themselves and how they affect others around them. They have a clear sense of how their own behaviour can inspire others to operate at their own personal best. More recently organisations have come to understand that leadership can also be developed by strengthening the connection between the efforts of individual leaders and the systems through which they influence organisational operations. Engage with other dynamic Executives facing similar challenges. Experience robust discussion and debates in an interactive classroom environment.

At TLC we have years of experience across many industries from Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Construction, Auto Manufacturing, and other High Volume Manufacturing environments to Banking, Financial Services, Supply-Chain Management, HR and other transactional environments. The golden thread throughout all our leadership programmes is the focus on Continuous Improvement and the important role that leaders play to support this type of culture and environment.

  • key outcomes

    • ¬†Identify global trends in leadership today
    • Develop self-awareness, emotional intelligence and self-mastery
    • Apply personal leadership development goals into an action learning project
    • Explain the foundation of Lean Principles in leadership
    • Develop insight with influencing your organisational culture
    • Recognise how to get employees engaged for organisational success
    • Apply change principles to organisational challenges

  • course includes

    • ¬†6 days experiential classroom training
    • 4 personal coaching sessions
    • Personal assessments (DiSC and TKI)
    • 360 feedback
    • Action learning project
    • Attendance Certificate

  • certification levels

    Basic Certification (Level 2):

    Attend classroom training and pass the exam with a minimum of 80%

    Advanced Certification (Level 4):

    Attend classroom training and pass the online exam with a minimum of 80% and complete one workplace action project

Metropolitan Health is extremely satisfied with the level of service and professionalism of TLC Global and The Leadership Centre and would highly recommend them to any other organisation who is adopting Lean Six Sigma process improvement.

-- Gavin Thompson | Head of process improvement, Metropolitan Health
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