The Conscious Leader

Manager Development Programme

5 days classroom training, 3 coaching sessions and personal assessments


The Conscious Leader operates in a heightened state of awareness. This course leverages TLC’s FLAME Leadership Development model. The FLAME (Future, Leadership, Action, Motivation & Edge) programme will teach you the skills of a Conscious Leader. You will learn how to develop your team’s Vision and Action Plan as well as learn about your own personality style strengths and challenges and how to identify the same in your team members. You will also learn effective ways to manage conflict and inspire your team to achieve its goals. This course incorporates a 360 degree feedback and two personal assessments which provides a crucial element of the self-discovery and awareness process you go through as a Leader. You embark on this journey to be more conscious of leading, accompanied by a personal coach.

  • key outcomes

    • Define your customer’s needs (internal and external)
    • Identify your personality profile (DiSC)
    • Highlight the role of emotional intelligence
    • Apply principles of time management
    • Facilitate effective meetings to achieve desired outcomes
    • Define and apply motivation theories to motivate teams
    • Illustrate how to manage conflict using TKI

  • course includes

    •  5 days experiential classroom training
    • 3 personal coaching sessions
    • Personal assessments (DiSC and TKI)
    • 360 feedback
    • Attendance Certificate

  • modules


    • List the characteristics of a World-Class Organisation
    • Discuss your Mission & Vision (Who we are? and Where are we going?)
    • Identify your external and internal customer needs
    • Describe the 3 P’s model (Purpose, Process, People)
    • Apply the system factors to drive change
    • Develop your vision, goals and values for your team
    • Develop goal alignment strategy (GRPR model)
    • Interpret your DiSC profile


    • Highlight the role of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) in leadership
    • Describe and apply techniques used to communicate skillfully
    • Apply the principles of time management (Diary Session)
    • Identify the stages of teams (forming, storming, norming, performing)
    • Facilitate effective meetings to achieve desired outcom


    • Identify the elements of achieving a World-Class culture (focused improvements, 8 types of waste, 5S)
    • Describe and apply the stages of the PDCA model (Plan, Do, Check, Act)
    • Apply the A3 problem solving technique
    • Apply root cause analysis techniques (5Whys, Brainstorming and Fishbone)
    • Identify the importance of applying Visual Management (VM) and devise an action plan to improve your current VM and metrics in place


    • Define and apply motivation theories to motivate teams (Maslow’s hierarchy of needs)
    • Create a reward and recognition system using balance of consequences
    • Practice giving effective feedback (performance appraisals)


    • Use decision making techniques to make effective team decisions
    • Interpret your own conflict style
    • Illustrate how to manage conflict using the TKI conflict tool
    • Discuss and apply the principles of delegation

  • certification levels

    There are 2 options for certification:

    Basic Certification (Level 2):

    Attend 5 days of classroom training and pass the online exam with a minimum of 80%

    Advanced Certification (Level 4):

    Attend 5 days of classroom training and pass the online exam with a minimum of 80% and complete one workplace leadership project

TLC were very professional and went the extra mile. The Financial Management course for 60 Health CEO's was extremely well received by Executives and the Sponsors and was requested to be deployed into the next level of the hospitals.

-- Azita Oskoei | Technical Specialist, Broadreach Healthcare and Western Cape Department of Health
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