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Leadership Thought: Instead of seeing people as a means to accomplishing a task. See a task as a means to developing people.

The Leadership Centre is committed to providing a world-class On-line learning and international certification for essential business skills as well as world-class Advisory Services that support Developing Tomorrow’s Leaders.

At The Leadership Centre we understand that the business environment is changing fast. The learning environment has also changed. A classroom is no longer a requirement for professional growth. We believe the classroom is your real world and the daily challenges you face, are your learning opportunities. In order to take on these daily challenges, you need the confidence that you can overcome these obstacles and that comes from learning new skills to be able to do it.  In today’s business you need the ability to learn at the point of need and apply what you have learned immediately!

We  practice what we preach! This means that we are applying the very same tools we teach in our courses everyday in our Advisory Services. We help organisations from small (5-100 person team) to medium (100-10,000 team members) sized businesses to large (10,000++ team Members)and Multi Nationals. This means that we go into organisations and really understand their strategy, structure, and challenges first. Then we build solutions and enable through capability development so that our customers develop the leadership and capacity to solve their own problems.

These interventions involve Strategy, Leadership Development, Change Management and Continuous Improvement Programs such as Lean and Six Sigma. Giving you the skills to lead, identify, analyse and solve your own Purpose, Process and People challenges is essential in this competitive global economy.

We provide Advisory and eLearning solutions for companies and individuals globally.

Looking for classroom training solutions? Contact our South African Affiliates, Training Leadership Consulting. +27861 852 463 or email [email protected]

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